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Accounting for CPAs

As fellow CPAs hold a very special place in the accounting industry because they play a significant role in helping businesses stay compliant and are often looked upto for providing guidance that help businesses achieve greater growth and become more successful. Given their crucial and demanding role, at times, it becomes exhausting when CPA firms are occupied with simple but time-intensive and low-margin tasks like bookkeeping, payroll accounting, and tax return management, not letting them focus on more important activities and hence taking them away from their core expertise.

I spent a decade building my practice and toiling over returns, data entry, and the like knowing that would be the firms backbone. It took a true cost benefit analysis to understand that my focus was wrong. I needed to focus on advisory and compliance work to increase the company’s profitability. This lead me to shift to a fully virtual firm model, and find opportunities to build a network of bookkeepers and tax professionals that can offer those services, under my guidance and oversight.

It is very crucial that CPA firms utilize their time productively and go by the adage “time is money”. This is where MASCPA comes to your rescue. Whether you are looking to outsource time-intensive tasks, trying to fill the void of lack of key employees, or want to focus on expanding your practice while improving your services, we have got you covered. MASCPA provides outsourced bookkeeping and tax services to alleviate your firms compliance work load. At the same time, this will allows you to increase your turnaround time, and allow you to take on more higher margin advisory/consulting work.

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