Data Security

Financial data is a business’ backbone to success and so ensuring its security is very crucial for every organization. As an outsourcing firm extending Finance, Accounting, and Taxation services, we deal with a lot of critical and confidential data. Not only we recognize the need to ensure security of client data, but we also feel responsible for the trust that our clients have put on us and so we ensure to maintain security at every possible touch point.

At MASCPA, Professionalism, Responsiveness, and Quality embodies our ethos. With regards to Quality, security is of the most utmost importance in our organization. Each and every individual working for the firm consider it their responsibility to work with an overarching standard for data security to maintain quality.


  • Dedicated IT team for continuous security monitoring
  • Employees with deep domain expertise and significant experience of dealing with US clients
  • Employees are periodically made aware of best IT practices and security measures


  • Restricted data access to authorized users only
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients as well as our employees for maintaining complete confidentiality of the client data
  • Multi-layer Authentication leaving no space for data breaching
  • Paperless transaction practices
  • Taking read-only right access to clients’ crucial data

Cloud Based Infrastructure

  • All the data is stored on cloud-based portal
  • Data warehouses are present in the US and are safe and 100% security compliant
  • All workstations are protected by an antivirus which is updated on a timely basis
  • Secured physical infrastructure that includes round the clock CC TV surveillance and restricted access to premises using biometric system

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